Kindermusik is the world’s leading provider of music-based education for children from birth through age seven. We use the power and joy of music-making to help children learn and grow during the years most critical to brain development. Since 1978, Kindermusik has helped millions of children around the world build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

As a trained and licensed local Kindermusik educator, I love bringing the world of Kindermusik to our community. Each week , I lead music classes for families filled with singing, dancing, laughing, instrument playing, and storytelling—all backed by Kindermusik International’s team of early childhood music experts and the latest research on how children learn best. In addition, I partner with parents to support their role as a child’s first and best teacher by providing tools, tips, and resources to understand how (and why!) to use music and movement throughout the week.


Kindermusik with Wendy Slauson is:

  • Child-Centered – We celebrate the individuality of each child, respecting each developmental stage and inviting the children and families to explore, learn, grow, and contribute in their own way and at their own pace.
  • Concerned with the Whole Child – We rejoice that music and movement activities foster development of a child’s intellectual, emotional, social, language, and physical skills.
  • Process, not Performance-oriented – We provide experiences for all developmental levels with no predetermined level of achievement demanded.  Our goal is musical children rather than child musicians.
  • Fun for the Child and for Families – When children are emotionally connected and an experience is fun and enjoyable, the learning is profound.
  • Inclusive of the Parents – You are your child’s first and most important teacher, and we want to support you in that role.  We desire to reach and teach parents who will then support and continue the musical experiences with their child in the home using class activities and Kindermusik home materials.