Value of Kindermusik
 You have made a financial investment in our program, and we want to be sure you know how to get the full value of this commitment. 

 First, be excited about setting up a Kindermusik routine. This means coming to class consistently and on time. Research shows that it is the continuity and longevity of an ongoing Kindermusik experience that most benefits your child’s development. We will regularly evaluate the appropriateness of the curriculum for your child and be sure they are receiving the best experience possible each and every class.

 Second, let your Kindermusik routine include spending time with your child, utilizing your home materials frequently. Kindermusik's home materials provide your favorite Kindermusik songs, your stories, and more. Use these materials to expand concepts and share time with your child. Your child will get more out of class time, and participate more with fellow Kindermusik friends in class if you use the home materials. It builds their confidence, it expands their learning, and it strengthens their bond with you!


Make-Up Classes
Make-up classes may be offered in the event of a teacher illness, inclement weather, etc. If a class is cancelled due to teacher illness, inclement weather, etc., a reasonable effort will be made to host a make-up class; however, make-up classes are not guaranteed. If a class is missed, the student may be allowed to attend a similar, regularly scheduled class as a make-up (only available if the class enrollment is not full).  There are no refunds For missed classes.


Non-enrolled siblings
We understand the difficulties parents with multiple children face when it comes to scheduling daily activities; therefore, if an enrolled student has siblings of a different age group, they are welcome to attend. This will allow parents to enjoy the musical experience without worrying about what to do with their non-enrolled child.  Please notify us in advance if you plan on having a non-enrolled sibling attend. Infants may attend Kindermusik Wiggle & Grow classes in an infant carrier (car seat bucket, sling, front-pack, backpack, etc.), bouncy, saucer, or other such holder for babies. Parent must be fully available to participate with enrolled child. All siblings are welcome to participate in the Laugh & Learn Sharing Time at the end of class.  For families with same age siblings, sibling discounts are available.


Sick Child Policy
Please be considerate of other children and adults in our classes. If you or your child is sick, please do not come to class. All attendees should be fever-free for 24 hours and have no contagious characteristics (rash, drainage, etc.).


Withdrawal Policy
Your enrollment acknowledges your commitment to attending classes for the scheduled term, and secures your child's place in class for the entire term. In the event of a health emergency or family relocation, withdrawal may be requested. Vacations and scheduling conflicts are not acceptable circumstances. 30 days written notice of any withdrawal is required. Your enrollment and payments will continue to be active until the end of that 30-day notice period.


Healthy Environment Policy
We provide a healthy, clean environment for you and your child to enjoy; therefore, we kindly ask all participants to leave their belongings, including shoes, in the designated area to ensure a safe environment for the little ones.



 Please visit our Cost and Payment Info page to view our payment policy.


Satisfaction Guarantee 
Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you aren't satisfied with your Kindermusik experience please let us know! If you're not satisfied with your Kindermusik experience after attending at least four consecutive classes, we will refund your submitted enrollment fee.